How much does a SYSTEM COST?

To determine Dry Fog System cost, we need to evaluate your material handling system. For example, to price a conveying system we request a process flow chart, indication of conveyor widths, speeds, locations, material characteristics and other information. Drawings, sketches, and photos are also useful. For DustTamer Wind Fence Systems we also require some data to evaluate your needs. To get started, complete the RFQ Dry Fog and/or RFQ DustTamer. We will follow up with you and provide a general budget and/or request additional information to provide accurate pricing for your desired system.

What will my OPERATING COST be like?

Operating Cost is typically much lower than collection or chemical systems (up to 4 times less). No chemicals to buy, no moving parts to wear out, lower energy use and so on. Please refer to our Technology Links/Pages for direct comparisons. You may also see testimony from a PRB Coal Mine to the EPA comparing cost .

How do I get a QUOTE?

At DSI, we like to use a comprehensive approach and evaluate all of the site specific conditions in-order to engineer a solution. Please complete the RFQ form and supply project data via photos, drawings and descriptions of the of your facility and concerns. If your request is a Budget or Formal Bid Request, you may wish to complete the form to contact us and obtain login privileges to access specifications, drawings, data and additional helpful resources.

Dry Fog RFQ
DustTamer Wind Fence/Screen RFQ


The time it takes to provide a quote varies depending on several factors.   These include the size and complexity of the project, and your position in our request Que.  Since most systems need to be designed to your site specific needs we need good information  in-order to develop the most effective system at the lowest cost to you.  To aid us collecting good data, we have provided a Request for Quote Form listed under the heading RFQ Dry Fog or RFQ DustTamer. Completing this form will help expedite the proposal process.

What will your PROPOSAL contain?

We provide quick Budget Quotes as well as detailed Proposals that include a Detailed Scope of supply, Treatment Point Schedule and Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams.

How hard is it to INSTALL a Dry Fog System?

Our Dry Fog System is designed in an easy to install modular format. Electrical Control Modules are Pre-wired to the Multi-Function Module and then mounted to a common galvanized steel frame. For air and water supply lines between modules and nozzle supply lines, we eliminate hard piping by using instrumentation tubing that is housed inside of a flexible protective conduit . Our nozzle mounts bolt to their appliacation point, so no welding is required.

Does D.S. I. Provide INSTALLATION?

With Dry Fog Systems our customers typically install their own systems using employees or local contractors. Our systems modular format makes installation quick and easy. We offer Installation Supervision, Training and Start-up Services. Turnkey Installations our offerd on a case-by-case basis either by DSI or via local distributors and independent representatives. DustTamer Systems generally require a local contractor to install.