Compared to Fog Cannons


Dry Fog™ compared to Fog Cannons

In recent years some companies have sold what are essentially snow making machines for dust control. The machines are often referred to as Fog Cannons when in reality they do not produce water droplets small enough to be called fog. Dry fog is defined as droplets between 1-10 microns. The next droplet size category is Fine Mist, droplets between 11 and 100 microns. These machines typically put out a minimum droplet size of 90 microns up to 300 microns which is defined as Fine DRIZZLE, just short of RAIN in size! This distinction is important because if the droplet size is larger than the airborne dust particle then the particle can slip stream around the droplet resulting in no contact and therefore no agglomeration of the dust particles to make them fall out.

Water consumption for Cannons is measured in Gallons per MINUTE ranging from 12 to 30 GPM! With Dry Fog TM we measure our nozzles in gallons per HOUR, ranging from 3 to 13 GPH. What this means is you have high water consumption, possible wetting of material issues, BTU loss for fuels, unstable loads for ship holds as example copper concentrate being too wet, slip and fall hazards ...

We can use so little water because we create a true dry fog that is the same size as the dust particle. We estimate that we can cover the surface area of ½ a football field with fog using only 1 gallon of water!