Dust Solutions Incorporated (DSI) manufactures Dust Suppression Systems for a wide-array of industries including Power Generation, Mining, Mineral Processing, Aggregate, Pulp & Paper, Wood Products, Hazardous Waste, Marine and Bulk Handling. We also offer DustTamer Wind Fence Systems for a variety of applications.
The following types of dust suppression-dust control systems are offered:
    1. Dry Fog Agglomerative Dust Suppression Systems
      Our technology uses a special type of air-atomizing nozzle that produces a very dry fog (water droplets 10 microns or smaller) to agglomerate and remove airborne dust particles (PM-10) from various material handling and processing operations. It is our primary product and our specialty. Engineering Specifications often refer to this type of technology using the following terms: agglomerative dust suppression, ads (in caps), dry fog system, sonic dry fog system, ultra-sonic fog, air atomizing water spray system.

      DSI dry fog systems have proven to significantly reduce fugitive dust from a variety of material handling points. This includes truck dumps, rail dumps, reclaim tunnels, crushers, screens, stack outs, ship loaders, and truck loading silos and conveyor transfer points. These systems utilize compressed air and plain water to produce a very dry fog (1-10 micron droplet size). These ultra-fine water droplets attach (agglomerate) to like size dust particles, particulate matter 10 microns or smaller (PM-10). The slightly wetted dust particles then become heavy enough to be removed from the air and fall back into the process. It is important to note that we only wet the dust, not the material. This results in low water consumption and no significant wetting of the product (typically less than 0.05% by weight). This is the driest form of dust suppression available.

      There are many advantages to our system including ease of installation, simplified maintenance, and flexible system configuration. The overall capital investment, operating cost and system performance is superior to systems of ventilation, conventional water spray, and chemical injection. These advantages are due in part to the fact that we use easy to install, pre-assembled components housed in protective enclosures. Individual nozzle mounts are used in most applications for optimum nozzle placement. We supply all components for complete systems including air compressors, air receiver stations, pumps, filters, pressure regulating modules, nozzles, and supply lines.


    1. Wind Fence and Wind Screen Systems
      Wind Fence Systems are often used in conjunction with fogging as a way to help control and contain dust around open dump points. They are also used as a stand-alone system to reduce wind velocities around stockpiles and stack out operations. Wind reductions of 75% or more can be realized with the use of this unique knitted polyester material. This also offers a significant savings over construction of storage buildings. We supply the windscreen fabric, standoff brackets, attachment hardware, installation supervision and basic fence design. We also work with other firms to provide Computer Modeling, Detailed Engineering and Installation.


  1. Hydraulic Water Spray Dust Suppression Systems
    Sometimes it is desirable to wet the process material through a direct application of water. This type of system is used at locations such as conveyor stack outs to storage piles, and in processes where wetting the process material is not a problem. Some systems are equipped with modulating water regulators that are programmed to maintain the proper ratio of material process flow to water. We supply all of the necessary components including filters, pressure pumps, distribution modules, pressure regulation modules; electrical control modules supply lines, nozzle manifolds and nozzles.