Ship and Barge Loaders


Controlling dust from operations at Port Facilities has become increasingly important. Loading facilities were often designed for production with dust control as an afterthought. DSI has provided Dry Fog™ Systems to control dust from a variety of materials and types of handling systems. Many of these materials are moisture sensitive like clinker and cement. Dry fog also works well with materials like Copper Concentrate as the amount of moisture addition is nearly undetectable. This prevents concerns with making the load shift at sea due to a high moisture content. The key is our ability to create millions of micron sized fog droplets from a small amount of water. This allows Dry Fog to effectively control dust from moisture sensitive materials at ship loading operations without wetting the material

Besides complying with government regulations, often time customers have issues with being able to see in ship holds when dust is generated from loading operation. Dry Fog can increase visibility and contribute to safer operations by removing the float dust from the air. Dry Fog can work on ship unloading operations as well. DSI has TWIC Certified sales engineers to better serve the Maritime Industry.