History of Dry Fog

In the early seventies parallel research was being conducted at the University of Sweden in Europe, the University of Waterloo in Canada and at the Colorado School of Mines in the United States to try and solve the problem of controlling dust emissions from fugitive sources. They all came to the same conclusion: It is possible to filter dust out of the air by means of thousands of water droplets that are relatively the same size as the dust particles. This "filtering" takes place by agglomeration of the dust particle with the water droplets until a mass is achieved that will cause the particle to gravitate to its source. This phenomenon is illustrated from the article pdf Colorado School of Mines Tackles Control of Respirable Dust by Schowengerdt, F.D. & Brown, J.T. in the April 1976 issue of "Coal Age Magazine."

White Paper on pdf Using Dry Fog agglomerative dust suppression