Rail Loading & Unloading Application

Dry Fog™ can virtually eliminate dust issues from loading rail cars and unloading of rail cars into hoppers at coal power plants, biomass facilities, mines, and mineral processing plants. DSI has designed a variety of systems to control dust for coal, pet-coke, copper, limestone, gold, and other dusty materials when loading rail cars or unloading rail cars for transport.

Dust suppression on rail loading at power generation operation

During unloading, this is either done via bottom dump out the base of the railcar or via rollover wagon tipplers. In both cases, the air is displaced and it is important to suppress the dust with the correct system designed prior to exiting the loading hoppers.

During loading, the suppression should occur within the railcar wagon to prevent the exit of the dust out of the wagon during the loading process.

These systems may combine Dry Fog™ with strip curtains and DustTamer™ wind screen systems to control ambient and displaced air at the load point. NESCO spray systems can be used if the material is not moisture sensitive.