Silo Loading & Unloading Application

Silos are used as a storage mechanism at many industrial plants. They either store material for longer periods of time or become part of the process in slowing down the discharge into the next stage of the processing plant.

Dust suppression on silo at power generation operation

There are two areas that dust can be generated: 1) In the filling area of the storage silo via either conveyor or other mechanism. 2) In the discharge of the silo, which can be into trucks or conveyors. Dust suppression from DSI in either the form of Dry Fog or NESCO Spray Systems can be used to mitigate the dust. Since in the majority of cases, dust is generated in the process and becomes airborne, Dry Fog would be the best solution for these types of applications. It provides the best solution for airborne capture of the dust particulate and can drop the dust back into the process without adding substantial moisture to the process. A typical application is fly ash, the byproduct of burning coal or biomass, where the Dry Fog system is combined with strip curtains to help with the agglomeration of the dust in the area.