Sometimes it is desirable to wet process material through a direct application of water. DSI Water Spray Systems use a high-pressure pump and a variety of spray nozzles to add the right amount of water to your material. This type of system is used at locations from conveyor stack outs to storage piles, and in processes where slightly wetting the process material is not a problem. Some systems are equipped with modulating water regulators that are programmed to maintain the proper ratio of material process flow to water.

NESCO Solutions dust suppression before and after

NESCO Theory

NESCO spray systems control dust by producing a highly atomized mist that suppresses airborne particulates larger than 15um while adding from 0.2% to 0.5% moisture by weight to the process to prevent visible dust emissions from downstream unit operations. Water spray systems work on the principle of agglomeration for airborne dust, by producing water droplets that are the same size as the dust particles. These droplets collide with the dust particles and create larger particles that gravity brings back to the ground/process. The key component with water sprays is that the smallest droplet possible on a high pressure water spray system is around 20um, which will be effective for visible and inhalable dust, but not respirable airborne dust. The downstream reduction of dust created by the moisture addition will reduce the creation of respirable and visible dust.

NESCO Solutions dust suppression before and after

NESCO Products

NESCO DustPro A Series control panel

NESCO DustPro A Series

Automatic High Pressure Water Spray System

NESCO DustPro D Series control panel

NESCO DustPro D Series

Duplex High Pressure Water Spray System

NESCO DustPro M Series control panel

NESCO DustPro M Series

Manual High Pressure Water Spray System

NESCO DustPro HP Series

High Pressure Misting System

NESCO Wheel Wash 72

NESCO Wheel Wash 72

Automatic High Pressure Wheel Wash System

NESCO Wheel Wash 200

NESCO Wheel Wash 200

Manual High Pressure Wheel Wash System

NESCO Comparisons

Other technologies can’t compete. Nesco excels as the most effective, safe and economic method of dust suppression in heavy industrial app

NESCO vs. Home Grown Solution

Do It Yourself water spray systems typically employ inexpensive, commercially available spray nozzles.  These nozzles, while suitable for misting backyards, do not produce small enough water droplets to capture visible dust.  Furthermore, they don’t create a fine enough mist which can result in unacceptable amounts of moisture collecting on the material being sprayed.  Inconsistent wetting of material (ie; too wet or too dry) can dramatically reduce the effectivity of a spray system.

5% moisture by weight is the optimum amount of moisture to wet the fines in a material and prevent dust creation.  NESCO systems atomize water into small droplets and when coupled with proper nozzle positioning they produce the optimum balance between effective dust mitigation and wetting material.

The experience DSI has with over a thousand NESCO systems installed around the world ensures a superior solution to a DIY approach


  • Less water consumption from better positioning and zone control
  • Less maintenance to build and to repair
  • Controlled Moisture Levels between 0.2 and 0.5% moisture by weight
  • Moisture consistency where fines are wetted but material will not blind screens or chutes
Homemade dust suppression system

NESCO vs Dust Collection System

Collections systems are much more expensive than water spray and create a secondary waste stream.

Advantages of NESCO

  • Lower initial investment, and much less operating expense
  • No duct work is required
  • No waste streams
  • Reduced explosion hazard as we do not collect the dust where it is contained waiting for an ignition source.
  • No moving parts to repair or replace.
Dust collection systems

NESCO vs. Chemical Dust Suppression System

Chemical dust suppression systems use chemical surfactant in an attempt to bind dust particles together or, in conjunction with water sprays, break up the surface tension of the water, increasing its ability to penetrate the conveyed material. While this does assist in the absorption of the moisture, the cost for the chemicals is extremely high. NESCO systems utilize high pressure water to atomize the droplets into smaller sizes. This helps with the absorption, without the additional cost of the chemicals or surfactants.

Advantages of NESCO

  • No chemicals to buy year after year as none are required, therefore reducing your operating cost. This additional capital can be used to purchase the NESCO system and eliminate the yearly chemical cost.
  • No chemicals to transport or store. No MSDS requirements to comply with or records to maintain.
  • No damage to conveyor belts by applying proprietary chemicals.
  • No damage to the product with chemicals that can alter the properties of the material.
Chemical dust suppression system