Solar Panel Protection Application

DustTamer wind fence systems effectively protect solar arrays from dust and debris while helping to maximize collection efficiency.

By reducing wind speeds in a project area up to 75%, DustTamer systems enable designers to reduce foundation and structural steel requirements of the solar reflector or panel as well as minimize erosion during and after installation in the project area.

Solar Panel Protection Fence

Once installed, DustTamer systems also minimize the amount of dust and debris that can enter a project area. Open areas with high wind speeds have the potential to settle dust on and in between solar panels which can affect collection efficiency and reduce irradiance. Operators therefore look for ways to minimize this accumulation which reduces solar panel cleaning, water consumption and replacement.

A DustTamer wind fence can:

  • Lower structural costs
  • Protect your system structure from wind and debris
  • Minimize dust accumulation on and around solar panels
  • Lower costs that result from solar panel cleaning and replacement

Relevant Industries