Conveyor Transfer Application

Belt conveyors and associated transfer points are one of the most common areas where dust emissions pose a challenge to bulk material handling and processing operations. Typically the material drop or discharge point and material impact point are where dust is generated.

Dust suppression on conveyor transfer at power generation operation

DSI DryFog Dust Suppression systems address both areas of dust creation. Fogging nozzles are placed at the discharge point to knock airborne dust down back into the process. At the impact point, a blanket of fog is created to agglomerate with the airborne dust before it leaves the area and conveyor skirtboard. DryFog can effectively remove particulate matter in the 1-10 microns size range and larger by impacting and agglomerating with the airborne dust particles.

Use of Dry Fog on conveyor belts and transfer points is widely used across industries and has several unique advantages.

  • Prevents explosive dust from becoming airborne.
  • Does not create secondary waste stream because dust is returned to the process.
  • Effective in remote locations where clean water and electricity is scarce.
  • Does not wet conveyor belt or equipment.