Truck Tippers Application

At paper plants and biomass facilities, pre-processed wood chips or biomass pellets commonly arrive via truck. These trucks are then put onto dump station pads, which lift the entire truck and slide the material out the back of the truck into a hopper. During this process, dust is generated through the dumping process and then the air is displaced lifting the dust out of the hopper and becoming fugitive in the process.

The photo to the right shows a typical truck tipper, with a DSI Dry Fog System operating on the right dumper and uncontrolled operation on the left.

Dust suppression on truck tipper operation

Dry Fog and NESCO spray systems can be used to generate fog or mist inside the hopper which will grab the dust particles prior to exiting the hopper. The dust particles are then dropped back down into the process without entering into the open air. The added moisture is extremely small, therefore not impacting the wood chips or pellets that would be used in the process.

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