Power Generation Industry

Dust Solutions Inc. offers a range of products that enable power plants to control and reduce fugitive dust emissions. Dust emissions can be generated at various points of the coal and power generation process including during transportation, conveying and during stackout of bulk materials. These emissions can pose an explosion risk, have the potential to be an environmental nuisance and can cause severe damage and increased maintenance costs to bulk material handling equipment. Furthermore, dust poses a health and safety risk to workers and as such, has been regulated more stringently by agencies such as OSHA and MSHA.

Dust suppression on power generation operation

Our experienced engineering team will assess your current dust issue and application and determine the appropriate solution for controlling and preventing dust particles from becoming airborne. Techniques include the use of Dry Fog for moisture sensitive materials where both visible and respirable dust particles (PM10 and PM2.5) are problematic. Water spray solutions which produce a larger droplet size to address visible dust and DustTamer Wind Fence systems to prevent wind generated dust erosion and particle uptake from stockpiles.

With over thirty years of experience, DSI has installed dust suppression systems at coal power and power generation plants in the US and around the world.