Truck Dumps Application

In mining and most industrial processes trucks are used for the transport of material around the complex. This could be the initial material from the mine pit or material moved from one storage area to another.

Dust suppression on truck dump at pulp and paper operation

Typically, the trucks will move the material into dump pockets or hoppers where the material will enter the processing plants. During this process, the material displaces the air inside the pocket, which can generate a large amount of dust that is moved into airborne suspension quickly. This becomes a very difficult application to suppress dust due to the fast air displacement.

Dry Fog systems are an effective method for controlling and suppressing dust created from material discharged by the trucks. The small droplets agglomerate with the dust in the air during the dump process, while suppressing particles that may try to escape the hopper or crushed upon material impact, returning them to the process. Further, using DSI’s largest nozzle has a projection over 8m from the nozzle tip that fights against the air displacement to bring the dust back towards the fog inside the dump pocket.

Moisture addition to the material is typically less than 0.05% by weight and many times is undetectable, making it a preferable technology for any moisture sensitive materials. Further, it will not add unnecessary water into the dump hopper, potentially clogging chutes of conveyor belts.

Case Studies