Crushing & Screening Application

Mines, quarries, and power plants typically have a mill that processes the ore or coal prior to entering into the next phase of the process. In this milling process, the mines will crush the ore to smaller sizes and then screen to achieve the right size before heading to the processing plants. Screening and crushing are fundamental to the success of the plant and achieving the correct size ore without impacting production.

Dust suppression on crushing and screening process at power generation operation


Because of Dry Fog’s small droplet size, it can be used at screening decks without blinding the screens. Typically, the screen will require a top cover and a good sealing system for maximum effectiveness. Using NESCO spray systems the screen itself would not be treated, but points prior to the screen and under the screen to avoid blinding the screens with too much moisture.



Crushers, whether large primary crushers or secondary cone crushers and impact crushers are large generators of dust. The air movement through the crushers can generate high velocity dust moving through the process. Dry Fog can be used for treating the dust as it is moving through the process and capture the airborne dust particulate. NESCO spray systems can be used to add moisture to the product, generating less dust in the process or high pressure misting for airborne capture of visible dust in the crushing process.