Marine & Rail Terminals Industry

Dust generation can be a challenge anywhere bulk materials are handled and transported. Marine and rail terminals are no exception.

Dust suppression on marine and rail terminal

Marine and port facilities present unique challenges due to their proximity to waterways and stormwater systems where dust can lead to contamination and adverse environmental effects to water sources. Exposure to open air and weather can also make dust containment difficult. Similar to marine terminals, rail terminals also load and unload quantities of bulk material for overland transport.

DSI provides dust suppression solutions for a wide range of applications at these facilities, in many cases being the preferred technology to replace dust collectors. Our systems suppress dust at the point of creation, eliminating a secondary waste stream, and preventing contamination of surrounding areas in the facility. Applications include but are not limited to ship loading and unloading, conveyor transfer points, dock and feed hoppers, rail and truck dumps, screens, coal yard & plant conveyors, including reclaim, gallery, tripper conveyors and silos.