Stackers Application

As material is processed in plants, typically there are storage areas or stockpiles that are used to store the material until the next phase of the process. The conveyors that move the material then discharge into this storage area or stockpile. This process creates dust in two areas: the material that is discharged and as it impacts the pile below and generates a plume of dust.

Dust suppression on stacker at marine and rail terminal

Using and effective spray system, like NESCO can properly add moisture to the product before landing on the stockpile below, while atomizing some of the droplets to capture the airborne dust during discharge. With sufficient moisture added the material will impact the pile but reduce dust generation due to larger clumps of material and less fines independent of the material stream. Dry Fog can also be used if the drop distance is short enough to have little to no impact from the wind.

Case Studies