Biomass & Recycling Industry

DSI helps biomass production and recycling facilities reliably minimize and suppress fugitive dust that can result from spillage, production and operational processes.

Dust suppression on biomass and recycling operation

Our dust suppression systems support a safer, cleaner process and lower fire and explosion risk by preventing dust from becoming airborne at the generation point, rather than through collection. Returning dust back into the process also prevents accumulation on equipment which can be costly and threaten production. Areas within your plant that can benefit from Dry Fog include but are not limited to chipping / shredding operations, conveyor belts, storage silos, pelletizing operations, and any area where dry bulk material is being transported, loaded and unloaded.

Our projects range from low hazard level liquid waste being mixed with dry stabilizers for landfill to nuclear waste remediation projects. These nuclear waste projects include materials being excavated in contained areas to waste volume reduction facilities where contaminated waste is ground up and transferred to long term storage containers.

Our experienced engineering team is available to resolve your specific dust problem.