Tripper & Galley Systems Application

Silo fill areas are typically areas of high concern in regards to preventing dust explosions. Switching to PRB Coal increases this risk. Dry Fog has dramatically reduced dust explosion hazards at tripper conveyors and gallery silo fill systems by replacing old dust collection systems.

Preventing the creation of airborne dust reduces the amount of dust that accumulates on the surrounding structures and equipment. A typical explosion event starts with a process equipment failure that provides the “spark” to create internal deflagration. This creates a shock-wave that rebounds inside the facility, turning latent dust into a dust cloud. The dust cloud then creates a larger deflagration event and results in an explosion. All of this can occur in a matter of 1/3 of a second! The good news is our customers report that they are able to more than triple the time between wash-downs. This saves time and money while complying with OSHA regulations.