NESCO DustPro A Series control panel
Nesco Dustpro A control panel

NESCO DustPro A Series

Automatic High Pressure Water Spray System

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The NESCO DustPro A Series features a 200 PSI (15 Bar) pump module that is controlled via a programmable logic controller which can be easily interfaced to plant control systems. The unit is equipped with rugged control valves, strainers, and heavy-duty brass piping for industrial use. It has fully automatic operation and can
be equipped with air and glycol purges for cold weather operation. For portable operation, the unit can be mounted in an insulated trailer with heater, vent, fluorescent lighting, and all the necessary utility and hose feedthroughs. The NESCO DustPro A series can be customized to accommodate any application. This includes additional water filtration, cold weather options, special control features, and additional alarm capabilities.

DustPro spray systems are designed to knock down airborne dust at the source and add moisture that helps prevent dust generation at downstream applications. Droplet sizes range from 50-200 um in size from the nozzles. The unit is meant to add approximately 0.2 to 0.5% moisture by volume to the product. The centrally located skid-mounted pump module supplies the spray nozzles through high pressure hose connections. The spray system can eliminate visible dust using less than a gallon of water per ton of material.

For over 35 years, Dust Solutions Inc. has worked with industry clients around the world to resolve fugitive dust challenges in complex and critical work environments. The NESCO solutions continue the tradition of providing industrial products with high durability for heavy industrial clients throughout the world.


  • High Pressure 200 PSI Skid Mounted Pump
  • Flow Switch with Alarm
  • Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges with Relied Valves
  • Remote Control Panel Option
  • Heavy-Duty Brass Piping
  • PLC Control with remote integration
  • Brass or Hardened Stainless Steel Nozzles


  • HMI Control Panel
  • Cone Strainer or Automatic
  • Backflush Filter
  • Trailer Mounted
  • De-Rating for High Altitude