NESCO Wheel Wash 200
NESCO Wheel Wash 200 control panel

NESCO Wheel Wash 200

Manual High Pressure Wheel Wash System

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  • Pump Module: 200 gpm, 90 psi, 15 HP pump boosts water pressure to improve cleaning efficiency and reduce water consumption
  • Dual Spray Manifolds: Two 16 ft. horizontal spray bars hung off of barricade blocks are designed to wash tires through one full rotation.
  • Sensor: Choice of an in-ground magnetic induction loop or above ground sensor automates wheel wash operation.



50 to 100 gallons per truck depending upon speed through wash. Water must be supplied to the pump module from a tank with a minimum volume of 500 gallons.



Up to 98% depending upon speed through wash. For best results, trucks should come to a full stop and proceed through the wheel wash at no more that 5 mph.



Location: The Wheel Wash 200 should be located at the transition from unpaved to paved surface. Paved surface at exit of wash must be kept clean by flushing or sweeping. Install the Wheel Wash 200 before any scale to keep it cleaner. If possible, locate the wash 1000 ft. from plant exit to allow tires to drain and dry.

Support: The Wheel Wash 200 pump module should be located on a level concrete surface. Spray manifolds must be installed on concrete pad pitched to drain. Installing a speed bump to slow trucks down will improve cleaning efficiency.

Water Supply: Water can be supplied from a well or pond to a surge tank of minimum 500 gallon volume with level and fill switch. Additional strainers or filters may be required if water contains a large amount of suspended solids. Muddy water will reduce pump and spray nozzle service life.

Drainage: Water can be drained from wheel wash to retention pond, settlement basin, dewatering bin or other containment. Customer is responsible for any and all material and labor that may be required to drain, collect and recycle wash water.