A major recycler on the east coast of the United States processes scrap parts and recycled cans for the aluminum production industry.  The 200,000 square foot facility has process and storage capabilities.  The process line consists of a primary shredder where the bales are shredded, and a secondary shredder where the material is shredded to size.  Both shredders and a couple of transfer points produced constant thick dust that covered the equipment and floor and made for a poor working environment.


Our Representative installed a single DSI Dry Fog System to suppress the dust from both shredders and transfer points.  DSI designed manifold foggers for each of the hoppers that blanket the open hopper with a dry fog that mixes with the dust as it rises and prevents it from escaping the hopper.  The transfer points were equipped with Ball and Socket foggers to fill the cover space and prevent dust from escaping, maximizing dust control. The result is that the dust material is returned to the material on the line and adds less than 0.5% moisture.