One of the largest copper and gold mines in the world was experiencing dust issues throughout the underground and above ground areas of the material handling plants, including the concentrator, transfer points, ore passes, and crusher areas.  The dust generated had both high silica content and other potential harmful content like asbestos.  Throughout the plant it is required to wear fitted respirators, however, the company was interested in reducing the dust to further protect workers.


DSI put together a combination high pressure water sprays and dry fog systems throughout the mine to suppress the dust.  These dust control measures added moisture in some areas and reduced respirable dust in other areas where Dry Fog was used.  Dry Fog systems were implemented on all transfer points and water sprays in most ore passes with crushers to inject moisture into the material making it less dust generating down process.

Dust monitoring devices were put in place on various transfers with results showing over 75% reduction in respirable (below 10um) dust, when using Dry Fog in comparison to uncontrolled transfer of material.