When coal is used to generate electricity, it releases Sulphur. The process to desulphurize the emissions creates sulfurdioxide which forms gypsum, a product that is used in cement, dry wall, glass, and many other products.

When the power plant was at full operations, our customers Gypsum pile reached over 30 feet in height and was located between the river and their cooling tower where wind speed could reach more than 30MPH.

These wind events would lift and carry the stacked gypsum covering the warehouse and office building creating a major maintenance issue and loss of product.


DSI worked with our Rep and Customer to research wind speed and direction history and designed a wind fence to reduce the wind speeds at the storage pile by over 75%.

DSI also designed a loading area behind the fence to protect the trucks being loaded by a front-end loader.

DSI positioned the fence between the prevailing winds and the storage piles allowing some of the wind to pass through the fence and the majority of the wind to “skip” the property.

The fences is 35 foot tall and 270 foot long and was installed in under 2 weeks.