As countries worldwide are transitioning to green energy, lithium is becoming more important in the global supply chain of batteries. A lithium mine in Australia recently completed an expansion and upgrade to increase capacity at the plant. As the capacity increased at the plant, the dust generation became more prominent at the plant. The mine reached out to Dust Solutions Inc. to provide some solutions for the dust generation in the crushing and screening plant.


Dust Solutions Inc. reviewed the process and determined the best approach would be a combination system consisting of Dry Fog at the primary truck dump area and the NESCO water spray solution throughout the rest of the crushing and screening area. This solution provided airborne dust capture at the primary truck dump in advance of the moisture addition from the NESCO spray system. The NESCO spray system then added enough moisture to provide a reduction of dust generation down the rest of the production line. The solution provided great dust control throughout the entire plant and used a combination of dust control technologies to achieve the best results.