A port for one of the largest mining companies in the world ships Nickel matte to one of their smelters in Europe.  This port is located in a Unesco World Heritage area and has a zero emissions policy.  During the process of loading the nickel, dust is generated in the port and unloading the ore from the mine site as well.  Both processes create dust that is harmful to the local environment and sits across the river from a world renown tourist destination.


Dust Solutions Inc. implemented custom made systems to both attack the ship unloading process and ship loading process.  The systems consisted of moveable fogging manifolds that create dry fog across the ship holds to prevent dust from leaving the holds.  Having the system portable, allowed for flexible movement of the systems depending on the wind movement across the terminal.  The Dry Fog created blankets the ship holds and attaches to any PM10 or PM2.5 dust particles that could leave the hold, dropping them back into the hold in advance of leaving and becoming fugitive dust.  Further, the system operates down to -40 C in winter time without freezing.