This bustling port serves as the primary gateway for a Southeast Asian country and stands as the world’s premier operator in handling general, bulk, and containerized cargo. Among the most challenging materials is sulfur, known for its dusty properties, moisture sensitivity, and corrosive nature. During bulk preparation and ship loading, copious amounts of dust are generated. Compounded by the operations’ location on the wharf, fugitive dust becomes airborne and drifts towards nearby buildings. Adhering to stringent environmental and air quality regulations, local authorities demanded a viable dust control solution.


DSI devised a strategy to combine our Dust Tamer wind fence and Dry Fog system to combat bulk sulfur dust challenges at the leading Southeast Asian port. The mobile solution offers unparalleled flexibility, enabling the system’s deployment across various loading areas on the wharf. Our integrated approach effectively addressed both the wind fence’s limitations and suppressed dust at its source. The Dry Fog manifold, strategically mounted on the Dust Tamer wind fence, served as a dual-function barrier and dust suppressor during truck unloading and clamshell ship loading operations. Conducting rigorous moisture tests ensured the sulfur’s quality remained intact. This comprehensive solution provided the port operator with an effective “1-2 punch” against fugitive dust, surpassing expectations.